JM Survey & Quiz

JM Survey & Quiz

By: Jan Müller

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

Table of Contents

  1. How to create a Survey
  2. Redirecting the user after finishing the Survey
  3. Viewing and showing the Survey Results
  4. Creating a Quiz
  5. Creating multiple Surveys via Shortcodes
  6. Shortcodes
  7. Creating a Registration Form
  8. Redirecting the user based on the quiz score

A) How to create a Surveytop

In order to create a survey you have to create at least one Question. This can be done in the Admin Dashboard under JM-Survey->Add Question.

Creating a question

You can add answers to a question by clicking “Add Question” on the bottom of the page. Each answer has to be unique. After editing your question click on publish on the right.

The answer-type can be either “Radio” or “Checkbox”. If you want the user to be able to select multiple answers choose “Checkbox” else “Radio”.

To display your survey include the shortcode [jm-survey] on a page. The Plugin automatically adds a “Full-Page”-Template to your theme which is optimized for displaying the survey.

Creating a question

The current survey looks like this:

Creating a question

To add images as answers click on “Upload Image” in the edit-page of the question and select your image. Then click on “Insert into Post”.

Creating a question
Creating a question
Creating a question

You can also add images per question by uploading a featured image.

B) Redirecting the user after finishing the Surveytop

To redirect the user to a certain page after the survey has been completed go to JM-Survey->Settings in the Admin Dashboard.

You can use the absolute or relative path of the page.

Creating a question

C) Viewing and showing the Survey Resultstop

To view the survey results go to JM-Survey->Results in the Admin Dashboard

Creating a question

If you want to show the results to your users you can use the shortcode [jm-survey-stats] to display the them in the frontend.

D) Creating a Quiztop

In order to change the plugin mode to quiz, go to Settings->General and select “quiz” as mode. The other steps are the same as creating a Survey, except that you have to add scores to each answer.

Creating a question
Creating a question

E) Creating multiple Surveys via Shortcodestop

If you want to create multiple surveys and/or quizzes you can use the shortcode generator to accomplish this. First assign the question to a category. Find out the category tag by hovering over the according category in the category-section and you can see the category-ID in the status-bar like in the image below. Under Settings->General insert the category-ID. Once done you can create the shortcode for the specific quiz/survey by pressing the button below and insert it anywhere you want. This way you can create as many surveys and quizzes as you like.

Creating a question
Creating a question
Creating a question

F) Shortcodestop

Available shortcodes are [jm-survey] which displays a quiz. To display the survey results use the shortcode [jm-survey-stats]

G) Creating a Registration Formtop

You can also use the plugin for creating registration forms. Go to Settings->General and set the mode to “registration”.

In the registration tab you can set the email subject and content of the mail that will be sent after the registration is complete.

When adding questions in registration mode, you can map the answers to user fields as shown below.

H) Redirecting the user depending on the Quiz Scoretop

You can redirect the user to a specific page depending on the score he reaches in the quiz. To do that go to “Settings” and then the quiz tab. There you’ll see 5 score ranges for each quiz category.

You can then set specific score ranges and the redirect url. The inputs expect a JSON-String in the following format: {“range”: {“min”: 0,”max”: 5},”redirect”: “”} . “min” is the minimum score, “max” is the maximum score for that range and the redirect url is the url the user gets redirected to if his score lies in the specified range.

Creating a question